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How Do Smart Phones Influence Our Life?

1. Introduce the history of smart phones.

2. the functions of smart phones

3. the disadvantages of smart phones

4. the advantages of smart phones

5. the influences from smarts for society

6. conclusion of the topic   

How Do Smart Phones Influence Our Life?

Thesis statement:Although smart will make people lose attention when they have important work, smart phones will make our life more convient like make an online appointment and looking for someone easily because of located function.




As-D's Attitudes Toward High Schools

In As-D, there are two types of attitude about high school. The first part is about school's environment and facilities. In spcificly, Augustine said that the environment of school influence students' health. For example, the smog in the city is very serious, but school is still in the construction. In this way, the smog around school become more seriously. And a group of As-d's student state the elevator in the new building is very dangerous, like Clayton, Frank and so on. They said the elevators will falling down without any motion from them and sometimes it will open the half of the door then close it very quickly and hard.

In the second part is about people in As-D. JR said that, in As-D, everybody is actively gaining point, not only study point, but also ethical point. In the other words, when students study hard to increase thier grade, they will not forget to increase moral of themselves. And in As-D, supervisor is not welcome by students. Clayton said the supervisor have so many punitive measures for them which is nonsignficant, like delay time for lunch or running circles. No one would like it,so supervisor become unpopularity in the As-D.

How do smart phones influence our life?

Nowaday, smart phone is becoming more and more important in people's life, It likes necessity. But why will it happened?How  does it influence our life? Will it take advantages or disadvantages to us? There are many questions about it.